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What is Call Recording?

Call Recording is an invaluable and versatile tool, suitable for use within any business. Specialist voice recording equipment can be used to track telephone calls, giving an impartial and reliable witness to every important telephone call.

UKTEL offers a complete range of Call Recording products from a single telephone call recorder through to multiline and ISDN call recording solutions.

Not every business needs to record customers calls. But the benefits of call recordings can be big, even for small businesses, and the costs are low. If your company frequently receives calls from customers and you don’t record them, you could be missing out on easy ways to improve efficiency and enhance the customer experience.

Discover a host of features from UKTEL’s Call Recording solution:

Discover a host of features from UKTEL’s Call Recording solution:

Affordability – Keep costs down with advanced call recording options. You choose the services you wish to utilise to manage the cost!

Ease of Retrieval – Search for individual calls by date, time and caller details for easy retrieval. You have access to a browser application that can be accessed from anywhere on your network, even via the internet. Your calls can then be played back, either through your PC or a telephone handset.

Reliability – Our call recording solutions use well tested software and quality hardware to ensure that it will never let you down.

High Storage Capability – Our standard call recording solutions have a 35,000 hour recording capacity. If you require more space, this can be extended through occasional digital archiving of your recordings to CD or DVD.

Optional Private Conversations – Should your users or customers require an off-the-record or personal conversation, call recording can be de-activated through the entering of a designated handset code.

Optional Live Monitoring – Listen to calls as they happen, for the perfect training tool. This feature can also be used to help employees with a difficult caller.

Optional Call Grading – Manage the call performances of your staff by listening to calls and scoring them against pre-determined criteria. Using your data, a report can be compiled that will highlight those staff who are achieving the call standards you expect and those who may require extra attention.

Some benefits to consider:

Capture details you might have missed or forgotten: One of the most common and costly problems facing companies is mistyping customer or order data. This can result in unnecessary and costly errors. With a call recording solution, this information is automatically captured and saved for later review; employees can playback a call to retrieve vital information they were not able to scribble down during a call.

Coach your team more effectively: Supervisors and managers can utilise call recording to review phone calls made by their staff, providing an easy to use to system to provide training and feedback to your employees.

Increase Business Security: With call recording in place, you can easily reduce personal calls and detect security problems.

Reduce Corporate and Personal Liability: Customer disputes usually begin with miscommunication which business and their employees can be liable for. Using a call recording solution, you can take a proactive stance to reduce your liability.

Will your business benefit form Call Quality Monitoring?

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