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Business Phone Line

Great value phone plans for your office lines.

Comprehensive and affordable telephone line and communications customised for your business.Enjoy hassle free phone installation, keep your existing number including 24/7 support.

UKTEL Business Telecoms will have the line call solution for all types and sizes of business. We provide a suitable and adapted service to your business with many different products and packages available for business customers.

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Call Management and Reporting

Get access to valuable call statistics and routing features.

Call Management involves the use of Calling Features such as Call Queues, IVR Menus, Call Tracking, Hunt Groups and Recorded Announcements to provide a customised experience for the caller and to maximize the efficiency of inbound call handling.

With Inbound, you can have exclusive access to a complete range of call tracking features and powerful call management information statistics (MIS).

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Business Phone Numbers

Thinking of getting a new phone number?

You have specific requirements from your business phone numbers. Choose the phone number option that is right for you.

Whether you want to create a local or global presence or simply need a number to stick in your customers minds, the right phone number can hold the key to your success within your business!

How do I get a phone number for my business?

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Auto Attendant

Promote your company with our state of the art audio marketing systems.

What do your customers hear when they are put on hold? Turn the negative of waiting on hold into a positive experience for your customers. Make your business look bigger with an auto attendant.

The first point of contact that most potential new clients (or existing customers) will have direct with your business is still likely to be a phone call and sometimes, for any reason whatsoever, you can not manage the call immediately with an Auto Attendant.

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Bill Analysis

Save your company money with a bill analysis – totally FREE.

Want more than just a sales persons word that your telecom package is right for your business?

Then get a professional cost saving bill analysis from UKTEL, absolutely free of charge! Our Bill Auditors are fully trained with years of experience to know exactly where we could be saving you money.

A Bill Analysis can result in major cost savings by identifying errors or overcharging, incorrect application of discounts, redundant lines, equipment or maintenance, or unusual even unauthorised calling patterns.

You could be paying too much for your lines and calls!

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