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On premises Phone Systems

At UKTEL, we have a range of on-premise phone systems to suit your business. From hybrid phone systems, that enjoy the benefits of both on-premise and hosted, to cost effective and reliable Ericsson-LG communications platforms.

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Virtual Cloud Telephone Systems

Hosted VoIP – be modern for less money.

Buying a phone system can often seem daunting – where will it go and how much will it cost? Keep out the clutter and save some pennies by going virtual.

VoIP phone systems are tailored to fit your business. We’ll measure up what you need, how many connections, what features would suit and then create a system – your system.

Virtual reality is here, don’t fall behind the future.

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Free for all. Site surveys

We’ll visit your site and find out your needs, all for free.

We all like to pretend we’re experts, whether it’s sampling wines at the Italian down the road or test-driving a shiny new car.

When it comes to your business, however, it’s better to leave it with the experts. We’ll send one of our qualified engineers to your site to discuss your phone systems requirements.

Easy and free, what more could you want?

Stay safe, stay protected.

A range of maintenance packages for your system.

Protection is needed in all avenues in life, so why don’t you protect your business?

In a world threatened by fraudsters and hackers, UKTEL are here to protect your telephone systems from any harmful threats.

Maintaining your business’s safety.

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Big company, big ambitions, big systems.

Demanding companies need a system that can handle it.

Do you have an army of phones but a two-bit phone system that cannot cope?

Here at UKTEL, we’re experts in setting up high demand systems for call centres, global businesses and multi-office magnates.

Supersized? You need a super system.

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For many years the only solution was to have a phone systems on your premises. This box of kit connects up all your phone extensions and links them to the phone network, often using PSTN or ISDN telephone lines. You may have seen the acronym PBX (it stands for Private Branch exchange): that’s another name for on-premises phone systems.

Typically, phone systems are capital purchases with a one-off up-front cost, although you may be able to spread your payments through a leasing agreement. Some customers don’t feel that they’re ready for the cloud, and like to have the security of having the actual phone system located on their premises.

Cloud systems, sometimes called hosted phone systems, uses the internet to connect all your extensions to each other and the public phone network. There is no actual physical phone systems hardware on site (apart from the phones). The system itself is easy to set up (often with a plug ‘n’ play option). You usually pay for each user on a monthly basis (at least you do with our cloud-based systems: UKTEL Cloud Voice, UKTEL Cloud Phone, and UKTEL One Phone) so there are no significant up-front costs.

Now, there is a quasi-third option. You can sometimes link to VoIP services on an on-premises system. This hybrid gives you the reassuring presence of an on-premises system with the cost savings of being able to make calls over the internet (take a look at the Avaya IP Office and BT Quantum).

Cloud-based systems usually have a small set-up cost but you’ll need to buy handsets. These systems generally attract a monthly rental cost for each extension. So, with a high number of users over a lengthy period, the costs may well equate to the cost of on-site systems.

On-site systems generally have a higher up-front cost, as you have to buy the equipment. On the positive side, though, you can often lease the system to spread the costs.

No, you can spread your payments on a finance option with an on-premises system and also UKTEL Cloud Voice (for handsets).

People who haven’t (knowingly) experienced it before sometimes tell us they’re concerned about the call quality of cloud-based telephone systems. You don’t need to worry: with a cloud based system you’ll get the same level of clarity as with a regular landline. In fact, depending on the set-up of your system, you may even get calls with high definition clarity.

And you’ve probably already used a cloud system without realising. As more and more businesses move towards cloud-based systems, it’d be a surprise if you hadn’t called a business that used one.

As you might have gathered, there’s no simple answer to this. Which is best depends on your business, your expectations and requirements, and of course, your internet connection!

For a small business with simple requirements and a stable internet connection, a hosted cloud-based solution offers low up-front costs and a manageable monthly fee. But you also have the choice of an on–premises system, if you prefer to have the actual hardware on your site.

At UKTEL Business, we’ve got both types of phone systems and years of experience in helping businesses choose, install, and use them. We’ve got a network of telecommunications experts across the UK, which we call our UKTEL Local Business partners. There’s one in your area.

Just call us and we’ll discuss your options and, if we need to, we’ll visit you at your premises. That way we can see your business in action and recommend the set-up that’s best for you.

Code of Practice – Sales and Marketing

UKTEL has been formed with the basic objective of reducing business telephone call charges and providing a better-managed telephone service. UKTEL acts as a total call cost centre providing many unparalleled services to our clients. In pursuit of this objective, UKTEL operates under the following Code of Practice, the purpose of which is to provide a clear framework to ensure good practice and responsive selling, and to help customers understand our service and the behavior to be expected.

This code shall apply to all instances where UKTEL is involved in the sale or marketing of their Fixed Line Telecommunication Services, to domestic or small business customers. NB: small business customers are those who employ 10 or fewer people. Regardless of the way in which our sales and marketing activities are conducted we will act responsibly and compliantly. It is acknowledged that some customers may not wish to be approached in some instances. UKTEL undertakes to respect the wishes of its customers and not to approach potential customers that have registered with any Preference Services. Indeed, we are pro-active in ensuring customers are aware of, and registered with, such Preference Services if they wish. In addition, although UKTEL rarely engages in direct advertising, any promotional literature, including our website, will at all times use clear and unambiguous language. Furthermore UKTEL are committed to ensuring that any such material will be fair and will contain no misleading or false information. It will contain accurate information relating to price, value and service, and will not denigrate other providers.
UKTEL complaints procedure
UKTEL acknowledges that it is responsible for ensuring its representatives observe this Code. Furthermore, there is a designated member of staff responsible for ensuring continuing compliance with this Code, whose contact details are highlighted in point 1.

4.1.The Badge

Each sales representative is issued with an identification badge, which will be clearly displayed at all times. Attention will be drawn to the badge when the representative introduces himself to a potential customer. The badge will clearly display the company name and a unique number, which will identify the individual representative. It will also include:

The representative’s name
The representative’s photo
An expiry date
This information will be clearly visible and cards are also available with key information in Braille, on request.

4.2.Important Information

Our sales representatives will identify themselves, the company, and the purpose of the call. At all times our staff will be courteous and use appropriate language and will not make any misrepresentations, in particular about the service offered by UKTEL or any alternative provider. UKTEL is committed to providing clear and straightforward explanations about the services and the nature of the contract. We will also take account of some potential customers vulnerability, and endeavour not to abuse their trust by pursuing a presentation to them. Should the customer indicate at any point that the contact is inconvenient, unwelcome or inappropriate, the representative will leave immediately. Also, our staff will not call on any potential customers before 8am or after 8pm unless asked to do so.

5.1.Entering into a contract
Our sales representatives are trained to check that the person who is entering into a contract is duly authorised to do so. In accordance with accepted commercial practice, unless otherwise rebutted it will be assumed that Directors or Partners have actual authority. A Company Secretary or equivalent will be assumed to have apparent authority unless otherwise indicated. They will also ensure that the customer fully understands the extent and nature of the contract, and intends to contract with UKTEL In addition, a designated member of the Head Office administrative staff will make a verification call to the customer to ensure that the correct information has been given before the sales representative leaves the premises. This call may be recorded for training or monitoring purposes.

5.2.The Document

The agreement is a legally binding document. The terms and conditions that govern that agreement are clearly printed on the reverse. The customer will be invited to read them by our sales representative and the signature block includes a declaration that the terms and conditions have been read and understood. This declaration states in clear and straightforward language that by signing the contract the customer agrees to use UKTEL as their exclusive supplier of telecom services.


UKTEL is committed to providing clear and factually accurate information to potential customers before they decide whether to sign the agreement. Where a direct approach to the customer takes place, the customer will be given the following information in writing, in a clear and comprehensible manner prior to signing the contract.

A description of the telephone service sufficient to enable the customer to understand the option they have chosen
Information about major elements of the service including payment terms, line rental and call types
The arrangements for provision of the service, including the order process and likely date of provision
The existence of a right of cancellation and the process
The minimum period of contract, notice period, cancellation charges and contract charges
A copy of the contract will also be left with the customer.
The customer will also be made aware of the existence of this code.


A customer, as defined by the Communications Act 2003, who wishes to cancel the contract must contact UKTEL in writing, by telephone, fax or email.
Upon receiving this notice UKTEL will contact the customer within 5 days to discuss their intentions. If it is found at this point that the contract was not understood or intended, or if the order matured before the expiry of the switchover period and the customer wishes to cancel, we will cancel the order without charge.
Should the customer decide to continue with the cancellation and once the termination period has been served, UKTEL will send to the customer a letter detailing:

The date of notification
CLI(s) affected
List of services affected / unaffected
Date of switchover

UKTEL will, at all times, comply with all relevant legislation and fulfill its legal obligations.

UKTEL is committed to ensuring that this code is followed at all times. However, should a customer wish to make a complaint about our sales and marketing activity, we can be contacted via the details set out in point 1. UKTEL aim is to investigate and resolve complaints within eight weeks after first receiving notice of the complaint. If the customer is not satisfied with the outcome of the investigation they can ask for the matter to be escalated to a senior manager. If they are still not satisfied with the way UKTEL have dealt with the complaint, the customer may be able to refer the matter to Ombudsman Services: Communications. They are an independent body, which provide an alternative dispute resolution service to our small business customers, i.e. customers with 10 or fewer employees. They can be contacted as detailed in point 9. Any complaint about any level of our service will be dealt with in accordance with our Code of Practice for Complaints. All staff and representatives are not only aware of the existence of this code, but are also trained on the details of it, and will inform customers of the existence of the code. Whenever a complaint is made customers are informed of the existence of this code, a copy of which is available to all customers on our website or, on request, a hard copy will be provided free of charge.

Contact Centre
Riverside House
2a Southwark Bridge Road
Tel: 0845456300

Ombudsman Services: Communications
PO Box 730
Phone: 0330 440 1614
Textphone: 0330 440 1600

Myddleton House
115-123 Pentonville Road

This Code is designed to comply with Ofcom regulation relating to Telecom: Direct Sales and Marketing, as required by the Communication Act 2003. All providers who engage in sales and marketing for Fixed Line Telecom Services are required under General Condition 14.3 to establish a code in accordance with Ofcom guidelines and comply with the provisions of the code. NB: Compliance of the code does not guarantee compliance with any legal requirements. Also, non-compliance with the code does not affect the validity of any contract between the parties, unless otherwise provided for by law. A copy of this code is available to our customers on request from our customer services department. Furthermore the existence of this code is publicised through our website and other publications.

Non Direct Debit payment

Customers who do not pay the monthly invoice by Direct Debit will be liable for a fixed charge of £10 plus 5% of the invoice charges before VAT.

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